Yandex.Checkout API
This is a developer's tool for integration with Yandex.Checkout. It allows accepting payments and making refunds, keeping track of the transaction's status, and more.
This document contains descriptions of the main scenarios with code examples. All information about the request structure, objects and variables is available in API reference .
To accept a payment, you'll only need a few lines of code. Let's go 🚀
If you implemented Yandex.Checkout before October 2017, read about the old payment acceptance protocol.
 Embedded payment forms
In mobile app
Accept payments in the mobile app using mobile SDK for iOS and Android.
Add payments to app
On your website
Place the payment form on your website using web SDK.
How to embed a form
 Not a developer?
Invoicing via Merchant Profile
Create and send payments links to customers. No development or even a website required.
More about invoices
Ready-made CMS modules
For services based on CMS, SaaS, or frameworks, as well as CRM and messengers.
View the list of modules
Payments for landing pages
Take the ready-made form code and add it to your website. This requires basic HTML knowledge.
How to embed a form