Payment by 54-FZ
According to Federal Law No. 54-FZ, a fiscal receipt must be generated and sent to the Tax Service via an online sales register after every payment made for goods or services.
The Yandex.Checkout solution for working with 54-FZ allows you to set up the interaction with your online sales register. Yandex.Checkout transfers data required for generating a receipt to the online sales register (for example, the quantity and cost of goods), and receives the result. Read more about the interaction process
Electronic receipts sent out to users by Yandex.Checkout are not fiscal receipts. To comply with the law, you will need to generate receipts via the online sales register. Yandex.Checkout allows you to do this automatically.
  1. Buy or rent an online sales register from one of Yandex.Checkout’s partners and enter into an agreement with the fiscal data operator (OFD).
  2. Fill in the settings for working under Federal Law No. 54-FZ in your Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile.
  3. Set up the transfer of data for generating receipts for payments and refunds.
 API Features
Using the Yandex.Checkout API, you can:
  • send data to the online sales register for generating receipts in accordance with the format of fiscal documents (FFD) 1.05;
  • create receipts for payments and refunds, including full receipts against advance payments or prepayments;
  • receive information about receipts generated via Yandex.Checkout.
You can configure the method of sending receipts to online sales register: within 3 days or 5 minutes.
Receipt sent within 3 days (recommended). Once the user makes the payment, its status will change to 
. Yandex.Checkout will send the data for generating the receipt, and then make delivery response requests for the next three days. If the receipt registration fails for some reason, you will be able to generate it independently in your online sales register. This will not affect the processed payments.
Receipt sent within 5 minutes. Payment status will change to 
only if the online sales register confirms the delivery of the receipt registration data within five minutes. If it doesn’t, Yandex.Checkout will cancel the payment and return the funds to user. Use this configuration carefully, and only in case a generated receipt is more important than a successful payment.
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