A tool to protect your business from scammers. It leverages machine learning and the vast experience of Yandex.

90,000 merchants and 35 mln Yandex.Money wallets worldwide are already protected by FraudDetector.

Free for Yandex.Checkout Partners

FraudDetector is already checking all your transactions, if you are connected to Yandex.Checkout. Any payment will be protected, even from a bank card issued by a foreign bank.
Our tool recognizes customers that can be trusted and makes the payment process quicker for them. Your conversion is increasing while risks are decreasing.

Additional Protection for Any Business

Online Stores

FraudDetector will eliminate the dishonest bonus users.

For example, those who create fake accounts and use disposable cards to get first purchase bonuses.

Or block those who are unable to pay for the goods. You can offer an expensive iPhone with payment upon receipt and be sure that the courier will be paid.

Gaming Platforms

FraudDetector will protect you from scammers who hack accounts to steal in-game currency.

To do that, FraudDetector will run an unnoticeable check on every user entering the system. Users won’t be inconvenienced in any way — all they have to do is just enter a password.

Payment Services

FraudDetector will help you find the balance between convenience and security.

Suspicious customers will be checked thoroughly through 3‑D Secure. The ones whom Yandex doesn’t see as questionable pay without additional authentification.

For honest customers there are no barriers: FraudDetector helps to pay with cards issued by any bank, even foreign one.

Advertising Sector

FraudDetector will alert you if advertising agency provides you with dishonest services.

For example, if they’re using bots or other means of inflating the clicks on banners or download rate of your app, you’ll know about that.

Banks and Microfinance Organizations

FraudDetector will assess credit risks in points.

You can connect it to a scoring system for additional protection.


Fees depend on the volume of data to be processed. Write to us at, and we’ll pick an appropriate rate for you.