Yandex.Checkout Paying via Yandex.Checkout

Paying via Yandex.Checkout

To start accepting payments, add ‘Pay with Yandex’ button on your site and provide your clients with a fast checkout they trust.

Checkout button

Place our button by pasting our ready-made code into your site: the easiest way to benefit from equipping your clients with all major payment methods.

User Payment Experience

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Add items you want to buy to your shopping cart Checkout via 'Pay with Yandex' button.

Select a payment method All possible methods are available; the most popular and easy-to-use go first.

Double check payment details The client’s methods of choice are prefilled. If they aren’t, enter a card number, e-wallet number, or online banking login and an email address for a receipt.

Confirm the payment For instance, enter a code from the bank’s text message.

See the result The payment is complete. We will send the receipt to the user’s email, if provided, and a notice of success to the store.


Make payments more convenient with our additional settings and useful options. The full set comes free of charge upon signing up for Yandex.Checkout (just tell our manager your preferences).


Debit a required amount at a specified time or by threshold.

Linking Cards for Future Payments

Allow our regular clients to pay from their card without specifying its details.


Reserve money on the buyer's card until you are ready to clear the transaction.

Invoicing via Live Chats

Send invoices to your clients during chat sessions: on your website, in social networks, or in messengers.

Invoicing via Text Messages

Send invoices via text messages—your clients do not need to have cash or even a bank card for paying.

Invoicing via Emails

Send invoices by email directly from your merchant account—it only requires your clients a few clicks to make a payment.

Paying by QR-Codes

Place QR-codes on your website, price tag, or package—your clients just need to scan them to make a payment.

Paying Using Apple Pay and Android Pay

Allow your clients to pay via their smartphones. Phone owners confirm payment with their fingerprint or a special code, and you see this operation as a usual payment with a bank card.

Paying via Telegram Bot

Create your bot, connect it to the Yandex.Checkout bot using our instructions, and you can start accepting payments via Telegram.