Yandex.Checkout Onboarding


The whole process goes online through Yandex.Checkout’s Merchant Profile. We send guiding emails at every step.


Fill out our application form: we will grant you an access to your Merchant Profile and assign you a personal manager to help you in the course of signing up and afterwards.


To start onboarding process, you only need e-copies of some documents. These copies and details you provide under your Merchant Profile are sufficient for us to create an Onboarding Application and enter into the contract. You can send paper copies of the documents later by post.

Download an application form under your Merchant Profile, fill it out, and upload it back to us for review.

Complete identification: your manager will advise you the most suitable method. The identification confirms your company is officially incorporated

Sign our contract: when all documents are filed we are ready to go.
Learn more about the contract

Technical Integration

The implementation method depends on your goals and capacities. Adjust your self-developed site or simply embed a code of our payment form in your site.

Set up your site for accepting payments

Check that everything works fine