Yandex.Checkout payment process

There are two main scenarios: the customer can select the payment method on the Yandex.Checkout’s page or on your website.
Scenario 1

Payment method selection on the Yandex.Checkout page

Easy to implement

You add one button, and the payment methods become available automatically: the ones you’ve already implemented as well as the ones that will be added to Yandex.Chekcout later.

Convenient for everyone

The customer sees familiar payment methods: bank cards they’ve already used for payment, their online bank, or e-wallet.

Great for Yandex users

Those who use Yandex services will see their balance in the wallet and the linked cards: the only thing required for payment is the CVC code.

For desktop and mobile

The payment form can be easily filled out from any device: it adjusts to the screen size.

From the customer’s point of view

Select the product

On the website, in the app, or in an online service, and click the button—for example, Pay with Yandex.

Select the payment method in Yandex.Checkout

Yandex.Checkout shows all the available payment methods. The most popular and convenient come first, including those that the customer uses the most.

Verify payment details

The details are already filled out for the familiar methods. If they aren’t, the customer can enter the number of the card, e-wallet, or the login of online bank, as well as the email address for sending the receipt.

Confirm the payment

Enter the password from the text message, click the push notification in the app, respond to the text message from the bank. This is not a requirement for all payment methods.

See the result

The payment has been successfully processed, you can wait for the delivery. The customer will receive an email receipt. You can check that the payment has been received in your CMS, by API, or in the Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile.

Scenario 2

Payment method selection on your website

You can manually add buttons or other elements that will let customers select the payment method. You can also choose the design: the main requirement is for Yandex.Checkout to receive the request with a specified certain payment method. If you’d like to enable a new payment method, you will need additional development.

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