Payments in Installments

Implement the new installment plan service on your website and allow your customers to get their purchase immediately—and pay for it in convenient monthly installments.

The funds will be credited to your account in the usual manner — settlements will be made on the following business day.

Advantages for Business
Advantages for Clients
How it Works
How to Implement
The Conditions
Questions and Answers

Advantages for Business

Approximate numbers provided by Yandex.Checkout’s partners
+ 17%
+ 20%
+ 30%

Advantages for Clients

Fully online
Couple of minutes to fill out the form, couple of minutes to get the decision
Buy more
Paying in installments over a period of time is easier than paying the whole amount at once
No extra costs
Available options include interest-free periods and early repayment
Easy to repay
From a bank card, in cash, or using any other method — via the Yandex.Money wallet

How it Works

How to Implement

Sign up for Yandex.Checkout.
Consult with the manager to decide on the conditions for installment plans you can offer to your clients.
Easily implement the feature using our manual.

Choose the Best Conditions

Contact us at and tell us about your type of business and products, and we will get back to you with the rates available for you.

Questions and Answers

About the conditions
How can I activate the installment plan service?

In two steps:

  • conclude a contract (contact the manager for that)
  • implement the feature on your website. How to do that
When and how will I get the money from a credit sale?

You will receive the entire amount after the payment. Settlements will be made on the following business day (transferring to your bank account may take up to 5 days).The customer will see that they have paid from the Yandex.Money wallet and will be able to find this payment in the wallet’s history.

What if the buyer doesn’t have a Yandex.Money wallet?

We will offer them to start a wallet directly from the installment plan registration form. They won’t be able to use the service otherwise.

What are the risks on the store’s side if the buyer doesn’t pay on their loan?

You will receive the entire amount upon the sale. The customer will make installment payments to the credit organization, so even if there are any problems with payments, it will not be an issue for you.

What about refunds?

You will process refunds in the usual manner, but if they are made 30 days after the initial payment or later, there will be interest accumulated for the first credit month. The interest is paid by the initiator of the refund. Therefore, if the refund is made because of your actions, you will have to pay the interest.

About Our Partners
Which company provides the loan?

The funds for the installment plan are provided by the MCC Credit-Line LLC microfinance organization (PayLate).

Which company provides the insurance for the loan?

The installment plan is insured by VSK insurance company.