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On 20 June 2018, MARC, a global research center, published a study on the most popular payment solutions among Russian online stores. Yandex.Checkout was rated first among payment aggregators.

The report is based on the information provided by 124,000 websites that sell various products and services to Russian consumers.

Russian websites use the services of about 60 payment aggregators and gateways. The most popular payment aggregator of 2017 is Yandex.Checkout: it is used by almost 31.7% of websites. This rate has risen by 2.1%. The second most popular payment aggregator is Robokassa: the number of websites accepting payments via it has decreased from 10.3% in late 2016 to 9.2% in late 2017. The share of the three following aggregators has remained virtually unchanged: 4.8% of websites work with Payeer, 4.3% use UnitPay, and about 3% accept payments via PayAnyWay, Wallet One, and Interkassa. RBK Money, PayMaster and Platron are used by about 2% websites each. About 11% of websites work with other aggregators, including PayU, Uniteller, PayOnline, Assist and ECommPay. Each of these aggregators accounts for 0.9 to 1.3% of websites. Usually websites use them as the main provider of payment solutions or in addition to their main one.

Top 10 payment aggregators in Russia (2018)

Aggregator/period Late 2017,
percentage of websites
Late 2016,
percentage of websites
Yandex.Checkout 31,7 29,6
Robokassa 9,2 10,3
Payeer 4,8 4,6
UnitPay 4,3 4,2
PayAnyWay 3,5 2,9
Wallet One 3,1 3,6
Interkassa 2,8 3,6
Platron 2,2 1,8
PayMaster 2,0 1,9
RBC Money 1,7 1,8
Number of websites using
online payment solutions, thousands
124 116

The study was conducted in the first quarter of 2018 by comparing indexes for the fourth quarters of 2016/2017 of Russian websites that accept online payments. The machine learning methods were used for this selection.

For access to full version of the report, please, click here.

* Payment aggregator is a service that allows websites to accept payments in various ways: from cards and e-wallets, via online banking, mobile commerce and so on. The aggregators provide services to different kinds and volumes of business. Some aggregators also work as payment gateways.

** Payment gateway is a service that allows websites to receive payments only from bank cards. Gateways are popular with medium-sized and large enterprises that only use acquiring directly from a bank and do not need any other payment methods.

About MARC

Market Adjustment Research Center (MARC) is an international full-service research company. MARC focuses on estimation of advertisement campaigns effectiveness, client satisfaction, and segmentation of financial, FMCG, automotive, telecommunication, and pharmaceutical markets. MARC is chosen by many Russian and international clients, such as Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, VTB Group, Land Rover, Dr.Reddy’s, X5 Retail Group, MTS, Tele2 and others. MARC analysts are members of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR). Offices are located in Russia and the US.

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