Main Yandex.Checkout—Number One Payment System

Yandex.Checkout—Number One Payment System

28 April, Tagline analysis agency published Payment System Rating, 2016. Our payment solution was rated first among payment aggregators.

  1.    Yandex.Checkout
  2.    Robokassa
  3.    RBK Money
  4.    Dengi Online
  5.    PayU
  6.    PayAnyWay
  7.    Wallet One

Research Specifics

Time range: August 2014—April 2016

Respondents: 390 Russian web agencies integrating third parties' payment solutions into their clients' projects.

Question: 'Which payment systems do you integrate into your customers' digital solutions?' The respondents were offered to select several variants or provide ones of their own.

A group of experts reviewed the results and created three following top lists:

  1. Top list of payment aggregators
  2. Top list of payment gateways
  3. Top list of acquirer banks

The dynamic pattern is calculated based on the results of Tagline's earlier research (May 2013—August 2014).