Payment acceptance via WeChat Pay

A convenient solution for working with customers from China. Suitable for online stores and regular retail outlets or cafes.
Online stores require integration via API, and a tablet on Android with a special app is required for offline retail.
with payments via WeChat
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Why you need WeChat

It is the most popular messenger in China (~1 billion active users per month) with its own payment system, WeChat Pay.

Only a smartphone is required to pay via WeChat. Money can be withdrawn from the customer's card or account and transferred to your bank account.

1.5 million tourists from China

come to Russia every year. Most of them are used to paying via WeChat Pay.

You can pay for everything

You can pay for all sorts of products and services via WeChat. For example, you can book tickets on a website, buy souvenirs in a small shop, or pay a restaurant bill.

How it works

In an offline store

  1. The customer comes to your store, chooses what to buy, and says they want to pay via WeChat.

  2. The merchant opens the app and creates an order. The «Scan QR» button appears in the app.

  3. The customer opens the WeChat app on their smartphone and shows his QR code for the payment.

  4. The merchant scans that QR with the tablet.

  5. The customer confirms the payment with the password.

  6. You get the money on your bank account.

In an online store

  1. The customer sees a QR code, generated by Yandex.Checkout during the payment.

  2. The customer opens the WeChat app on the smartphone and scans the code from the monitor or another device, where the order is created.

  3. After scanning the code, the customer sees the order amount and confirms the payment with the password.

  4. You get the money on your bank account.


Available to all stores registered in Russia

The rates are individual, please contact

Everything is official, we enter into a standard contract with merchants


$10 000
for one purchase
$20 000
per day for one client

How to activate

  1. Sign up for Yandex.Checkout. If you are already signed up, tell your manager that you want to start accepting payments via WeChat.

  2. Download the app on your tablet for offline payments and set it up, following the manual. This is a test app, but it is stable.
    Just wait to start accepting payments on the website: we will connect you to WeChat and inform you about it.

  3. Tell your customers that you work with WeChat Pay. Place a logo on your website or stickers at the entrance to the store and at the checkout.

Activate payments via WeChat

Convenient for customers from China and profitable for you.
with payments via WeChat
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